Friday, December 25, 2020


Village of Nightmare is a short indie eroge of sorts made using RPG Maker XP for the gameplay engine and 3D Custom Girl for the creation of character models. Despite being made with RPG Maker, there isn't any turn-based combat. Originally in Japanese, I decided to try my hand at translating it into English. The purpose of this blog is to host all materials related to that effort.

The game itself is set in a fantasy world with various monsters and demons. You play a character who is soon corrupted and transformed into a succubus, and then given a mission to go to a nearby village and transform all of its residents into succubi as well.

I've finished translating the game into English, but it's honestly a rough translation due to my amateurish skills. You can see further details, and/or download it to try it yourself over here. Please note, the download is not a patch, it's a full standalone release. As such, you don't need to download the original version unless you want to play the game in Japanese.

If you are curious about the original version for one reason or another, you can download it here on the creator's website (password is "akuoti").

I'm not going to be accepting any donations for this work, but if for some reason you want to help with the translation, you can do so by playing it and if you spot any grammatical errors, text that sounds odd and you think should be reworded in some fashion, or any missing text or bugs in areas that should otherwise be translated, you can posting them here on the blog for me to attempt to fix.

English Translation v2.1


This is a complete translation of Village of Nightmare, including the new end game content. The full English-localized game is included in the download, no patching required. This game DOES require that you have the RPG Maker XP RTP installed to play it (make sure you download the XP version, not the VX version). However, it should no longer require that you have your computer set to Japanese locale.

Due to the game's obtuse interface, I highly recommend you use a walkthrough unless you like aimless, boring wandering to click on everybody you can think of to try and advance the story. I've posted such a walkthrough over here and I've tried to keep it fairly spoiler-free, but it does still contain some.

If during play you run across any errors, text or programming, please go ahead and post about them and I'll see if I can't try and fix them. The format of the game does not allow me to spell check my work easily, and it leaves things quite open to mistakes.

Finally, to all the people who have already helped with spotting errors in the text, of special note being KMZ who gave me a hefty word document full of them with notation for easier use... thank you. You made this project quite a bit more polished than it would have otherwise been.


This is a (somewhat rough in areas) guide to getting through Village of Nightmare's story. The game is actually quite non-linear in some ways, as you can trigger a number of events in various orders, so the format of this shall be character by character, and I'll mention what is required to continue through their events.

Common Problems and Solutions

Due to an increasing amount of questions regarding various errors or whatnot, I'm including this troubleshooting post. If your problem is not covered under these few sections, or the sparse solutions aren't working, please post about it, and give a bit of detail on what exactly you're doing, and what exactly is happening.

1) I'm getting some error when I start it up about RGSS****.dll/RGSS RTP not being found. What do?

Something is wrong with the RTP. You either did not install it, did not install it correctly, or it's having some other fruity problem. First, make SURE that you have the RPG Maker XP RTP installed, not the VX or any other version. If it's still not working, un-install it, and then download it again and re-install it. If it's still not working, google the exact RGSS file that's not being found and you'll likely find a few topics about it, and also likely to find an upload of that missing dll, which you can then download and put with the rest of the files of the RTP.

2) For some reason, the compression files are coming out as gibberish / the game text isn't showing up / It's all in Japanese.

I really have no idea what going on with this stuff. Try to give an an explanation on what you're doing and what's happening with as much detail as possible.

Also, just to be safe let me say this: The English release of this game needs no patch. If you're applying the Japanese 1.05 patch after downloading the English release on this site you're doing it wrong.

3) Something happened and now my character is stuck moving in one direction and/or I can't move in a specific direction!

This is apparently a bug with the RPG Maker engine. Restart the game. If that doesn't work, uninstall and than reinstall the RTP. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer. If THAT doesn't work, I've got nothing.

4) I can't get away from those squirrels!

Click on the sign near the forest entrance, take the irritant. It will remove almost every single squirrel (except for one at the end, so be careful) that pops up in front of your exit path, with only the ones chasing you left. Just don't lag and you'll be fine.

5) I talked to Father Moscow too many times at night, and I still need to get the shield blessed... Help?

Yes... that's a bug I don't know how to fix without completely rewriting the conversation system in place. Download this. It's a modified data folder with the 'happy end' scene deleted from it, so the game should move on to the next event. Don't delete/overwrite your original data folder unless you don't ever want to view that scene again without downloading the game again.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Regarding Village of Nightmare 2

Hey, been a while. I largely ignore the e-mail account attached to this blog nowadays, but I do check it every so often, and thanks to that I noticed a couple comments about the sequel to this little game. (As an aside, the reason I've never actually responded to any of the other comments on this blog after I finished the translation was that I couldn't help anymore, or the answer had already been given.)

Regardless, when I popped back in to check out this new spangled sequel, I played it for a half an hour or so and thought it was pretty good so I left a message on the "News" tab to express my interest in translating it should any of the people who let me know about it pop back around. Since then I've taken a little bit more time to actually play through the rest of it, and I'm sadly not very impressed.

So, to be clear: I very much doubt I'll actually translate Village of Nightmare 2.

Why? Well...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The End


Here's the English v2.0 release. And, if you haven't seen it already, do check out the character popularity poll results.

All in all, there's a good chunk of new text in the end-game scene room, but you might end up disappointed in some cases since many of them are extremely short. There are tidbits of information about the VoN world here and there though that I found quite interesting. On the matter of the Mea/Mare name, since the polls on ended up favoring the former, I decided not to go back and edit her name. I did add in a little info on the matter in Mea's character profile that wasn't there originally, however.

Anyway. Now that that's all finished up, I'll probably be sticking around for a week, potentially fix any reported bugs/grammatical errors, and then leave and never look back. This project ended up being far longer and more involved than I initially figured that one bored afternoon when I started. Honestly, I'm not particularly proud of the work, because I played fast and loose with the translation more times than I would have liked (both for the new content and the older stuff), but in this case it came from a sort of desperation that if I didn't I'd never finish it.

I did have some fun, but this has been an exhausting endeavor, and I'm glad it's finished. Again. It's not exactly the most polished project, but regardless of my feelings on the matter, I hope you've enjoyed it.



Bovine Victory

The Cow Girl wins the character poll!